About us 
AMA Wing Chun Kung Fu is an organisation dedicated to developing the UK's most elite Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioners. With 30 years experience, all of our course follow a structure, allowing you to learn Wing Chun quickly, safely and easily.
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I wish to officially welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in AMA Wing Chun Kung Fu. Our goal is to help all our students achieve their full fitness and Wing Chun potential through the use of our classes, courses and personal training sessions.

Our courses are taught in a safe and friendly environment and designed to help you get the results you want and deserve. Our emphasis is always placed on meeting a student’s needs, forming professional working relationships, while striving to achieve a balance between the art and the practical fighting applications of Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

Our promise to you is simple: to help you be the best you can be, in all that you endeavour – including Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

Why Choose AMA Wing Chun Kung Fu?  

With many different styles, families and interpretations of Wing Chun, it can be difficult to know which interpretation would be right for you? Here are a few reasons why it would be beneficial to choose AMA Wing Chun Kung Fu.

You will:  

  • Learn traditional and modern concepts from a Master with 30 years experience.  

  • Learn Wing Chun in the shortest time-frame possible (5-7 years).  

  • Discover techniques and principles from all three of the empty-hand forms and Wooden Dummy form.  

  • Build a skilful bridge between the forms, sticky hands and sparring.

  • Take part in student gradings and receive certification.  

  • Become a fully qualified and certified instructor/Sifu (teacher). 

  • Develop skills for practical, street self-defence. 

  • Develop personal and flexible life skills. 

Additional reasons for training with AMA Wing Chun Kung Fu?

  • Receive additional exercise, coaching and support for all areas of health, fitness, wellbeing and skill-related components of fitness. 

  • Get nutritional advice from a fully qualified health and fitness professional. 

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"I have studied Wing Chun for 9 years with various teachers and I can clearly state that The AMA Method is the most effective that I have been to. Classes are structured always with an end goal in mind and you always have something to works towards with your training rather than just going through the motions. With the Wing Chun syllabus split into chunks, it makes it easier to get through: it makes completing the Wing Chun system an attainable goal rather than something that you may eventually achieve.” James Wright