Our Wing Chun syllabus provides a way for people to be both mentally and physically challenged, while learning Wing Chun Kuen.




The AMA method is a logical and systematic approach to learning one of the world’s most effective and popular martial arts, combining the principles of health, fitness and personal development into a unique brand of martial arts training.  




The AMA method and grading syllabus is broken down into 10 parts, each part focusing on a specific aspect of Wing Chun. Each student begins at Siu Nim Tao, which builds the foundation for everything else to follow. Students then progress to the intermediate and advanced aspects of Wing Chun namely, Chum Kiu and Muk Yan Jong, before completing the empty-hand syllabus with Biu Tze.   

  • Siu Nim Tao - Little idea way                                  

  • Lok Sau - Rolling-arms                                          

  • Chum Kiu - Seeking the bridge                              

  • Dan Chi Sau - Single sticky hands                         

  • Muk Yan Jong - Wooden dummy                           

  • Seung Chi Sau - Double sticky hands                     

  • Biu Tze - Thrusting fingers                                    

  • Gor Sau – Free-hand application                           

  • Luk Dim Boon Kwun - Six-and-a-half-point pole  

  • Baat Cham Dao - Butterfly knives                         

For more information about our courses, including any questions you have, email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, feel free to navigate through each of the courses, we provide, starting with Siu Nim Tao. 


"I have studied Wing Chun for 9 years with various teachers and I can clearly state that the ama method is the most effective that I have been to. Classes are structured always with an end goal in mind and you always have something to work towards with your training rather than going through the motions. With the Wing Chun syllabus split into chunks it makes it easier to get through; it makes completing the Wing Chun system an attainable goal rather than something that you may eventually achieve."  - James Wright.


Do I need any experience in Wing Chun? 

No. We teach students of all levels, skills or abilities.  


What will I Learn?


You will learn the complete Wing Chun system from beginner to advanced level, which includes all techniques and training methodologies and how to approach them. You will also get a good understanding in how to build self-confidence through Wing Chun training, in addition to learning how to reduce anxiety, control stress, develop your health, fitness and well-being. 


Do I need to be physically? 

No. Our speciality is helping people get fit and stay fit for years to come.  

Is there a grading syllabus? 

Yes. Our grading syllabus provides a systematic and progressive approach to training and learning Wing Chun. 

Are there opportunities to teach? 

Yes. We provided full qualifications from instructor to Sifu level. 

How long does it take to get good?

Students can achieve measurable and lasting results within a short period of time. It's our promise and guarantee that you will attain high level skills if you are committed.   

What is the next step? 

Email us via the free trial contact page or call us direct and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.