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The AMA Method is a logical and systematic approach to learning one of the worlds most effective and popular Chinese martial arts, combining the principles of health, fitness and personal development into a unique brand of Wing Chun training. The method was created by Sifu John Cossentine who after 30 years of experience wanted to develop an approach that would overcome the problems in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu.




The AMA Wing Chun Kung Fu grading syllabus allows for students and instructors to learn how-to-train-and-teach Wing Chun from beginner to advanced level. The syllabus is broken down into 10 levels, each level focusing on a particular aspect of Wing Chun. The goal for each student depends greatly on what they want to achieve, however, each new student begins at the Siu Nim Tao level and progresses right through to the empty hand art and weapons of the Wing Chun system.  

  • Siu Nim Tao - Little idea way                                  

  • Lok Sau - Rolling-arms                                          

  • Chum Kiu - Seeking the bridge                              

  • Dan Chi Sau - Single sticky hands                         

  • Muk Yan Jong - Wooden dummy                           

  • Seung Chi Sau - Double sticky hands                     

  • Biu Tze - Thrusting fingers                                    

  • Gor Sau – Free-hand application                           

  • Luk Dim Boon Kwun - Six-and-a-half-point pole  

  • Baat Cham Dao - Butterfly knives                   



Do I need previous Wing Chun experience? 


No. Its actually better that you have no knowledge of Wing Chun as it is likely you would have developed or been taught bad habits that are outdated and would need to be retrained and corrected


Do you teach traditional or authentic Wing Chun?

No. There is no such thing as traditional or authentic Wing Chun. These are terms used for specific marketing strategies. There are, however, many different interpretations of Wing Chun that practice the art differently to distinguish family or lineage.  


"I have studied Wing Chun for 9 years with various teachers and I can clearly state that the ama method is the most effective that I have been to. Classes are structured always with an end goal in mind and you always have something to work towards with your training rather than going through the motions. With the Wing Chun syllabus split into chunks it makes it easier to get through; it makes completing the Wing Chun system an attainable goal rather than something that you may eventually achieve."  - James Wright.

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