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The Key to Mastering the Wing Chun System

The Siu Nim Tao course introduces the basic theories, and concepts of the Wing Chun system. On this course, students learn basic techniques, and principles, including how to apply them. 


Siu Nim Tao Course

Learn the basics principles, techniques, and concepts to one of the most effective and popular martial arts. This course is ideal for beginners wanting to explore and familiarise themselves with the most basic techniques of the Wing Chun system.


​Will there be any sparring?

Yes. Students begin sparring within the context of the rolling-arms exercise (Lok Sau). Students will also learn how to use a simple deflecting and slapping hand technique.    ​


Will I be tested or graded at the end of the course?

Yes, students are encouraged to grade to test their new-found skills out in a controlled environment.    


Will I need any equipment?

Yes, beginners will need a gumshield (for safety) and a good set of focus pads. ​


What does the foundation course progress onto?

The (SNT) foundation course progresses onto the second form Chum Kiu, whereby students continue to work towards a greater level of depth, flexibility and understanding of the Wing Chun system.​

Ben Healsey

"I have just completed the Wing Chun foundation course with Sifu John Cossentine and found it an excellent way to get acquainted with the martial art and to ensure that I have a good knowledge of the fundamentals in building a solid foundation. Sifu John Cossentine is a great teacher and has been able to adapt his teaching approach to make sure I understand each lesson fully and how to get the most out of my training. I now feel confident to move on and look forward to continued learning at AMAWCKF. I would recommend The AMA Method to anyone who wants to learn Wing Chun from beginner to advanced levels."
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