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The Wing Chun system contains three empty-hand forms, a wooden dummy form and two forms involving the use of weapons. All the techniques from the forms are practised in Chi Sau, (sticky hands), which allows students to train the techniques from the forms, so that they can be applied to Gor Sau (free fighting practice) or any self-defence, street fighting scenario.  

The Wing Chun weapons, the six-and-a-half-point pole and the butterfly knives are taught at the end of the art, once a student has gained a thorough understanding of the art, its techniques and applications.   


  • Siu Nim Tao – Little idea way

  • Chum Kiu – Seeking the bridge

  • Muk Yan Jong – Wooden dummy  

  • Biu Tze – Thrusting fingers

  • Luk Dim Boon Kwun – Six-and-a-half-point pole  

  • Baat Cham Dao – Butterfly Knives  

Sticky Hands/Legs 


  • Lok Sau – Rolling-arms

  • Dan Chi Sau – Single sticky hands

  • Seung Chi Sau – Double sticky hands

  • Chi Gerk – Sticky legs  

Sparring/Fighting Practice   

  • Gor Sau – Free-hand fighting practice 

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