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We provide adult classes for people that want to learn martial arts to lead a more active, healthy lifestyle. Our classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment and focus on teaching the basic concepts of confidence, fitness, self-defence and discipline as the reward.



Our adult classes are designed to teach the basic theories and concepts of the Wing Chun system in a way that helps a new student feel challenged in their training. Student's will learn how to progress in the Wing Chun system learning material that is relevant to their experience, knowledge and ability.




To register your interest in becoming a student of AMA Wing Chun Kung Fu, complete the form on our contacts page and we will be in touch shortly to provide more information. 


"Sifu John Cossentine is a great teacher with obviously years and years of experience and is fantastic at breaking things down and learning to apply the applications from the forms. Hard-work and commitment is what he brings to each session and he somehow brings that out in you. Learning so much and look forward to learning loads more. Thanks.” - Martin Barrett 

"There's a skill to teaching and John's definitely got it. Some instructors make you feel imtimidated and nervous, others inspire you to want to perform well." - Patrick Cotton 

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