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Develop your Wing Chun skills as you continue to work towards a greater level of depth, flexibility and understanding of the Wing Chun system. Explore a variety techniques, including how to apply them against straight punches. Learn the key concepts and principles of the second form as well as the most important training exercise for single and double sticky hands. To enrol on this course, students must have completed the Siu Nim Tao foundation course or have gained relevant experience elsewhere to train in this area of the Wing Chun system.  

Level: Intermediates. If you have some experience, but do not consider yourself to be advanced. 

Duration: 24 months ( 2 years)


The Chum Kiu course is an opportunity to progress in your training and build on the techniques and knowledge learned from Siu Nim Tao. On this course, students will learn the basic shapes or hand-techniques of Wing Chun, including how to apply them. Students wills also begin learning the second (empty-hand) form and begin building the bridge between the forms, single and double sticky hands. 

You will learn:

  • The second form, its full sequence of movements and applications 

  • Basic ‘shapes’ or hand-techniques of Wing Chun

  • The Wing Chun gate system, including how to change gates from one technique to another

  • How to control the space and distance to an opponent 

  • Advanced footwork applications  

  • How to train and approach single sticky hands


Will I be tested or graded at the end of the course?

Yes. Students will be tested on the material learned on this course. The test is split into two separate grades allowing students to focus exclusively on developing individual skills and techniques. 

Will I be doing any sparring?

Yes. Students begin learning how to spar using techniques against the front and rear hand. 


What does the Chum Kiu course progress onto?

The (CK) course progresses onto the advanced Wooden Dummy course. On the wooden dummy course, students will explore the eight-basic kicking techniques of the 108 (116) wooden dummy form, as well as the advanced hand techniques of the Wing Chun system. This course is ideal for those who have successfully completed the Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu course.

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