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Our student membership is a members only platform that gives students and instructors access to exclusive discounts, session plans and additional content to support their training

You will receive: 


  • 10% discount on all clothing

  • Exclusive access to specific session plans

  • 10% discount on training programmes for integrated training 

  • Hatton Boxing for Fitness workouts 




£60.00 Per Year                    



We also provide affordable training fees (not listed on our website) for students wanting to attend classes, courses and personal training sessions. New students receive a 2-week FREE trail, in addition to a 12-week FREE annual membership to ensure they get as much information as possible before they join. 

To get your Wing Chun training started, complete the form on our contacts page or simple call us on: 





I've been training in Wing Chun under the guidance of Sifu John Cossentine and really appreciate his expertise in this discipline. Having trained in other martial arts, notably Thai boxing and kickboxing, I found Wing Chun later in life and believe it to be the martial art suitable for me. I thoroughly enjoy the street style of this particular discipline. I have recently been having personal training sessions with Sifu John Cossentine, which I believe has benefitted me massively in mastering the first form in a short period of time. If you are looking to train with like-minded students and want to be taught by a qualified professional, then I would highly recommend The AMA Method, Wing Chun classes and personal training sessions to help you achieve your goals. – Gary     

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