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Wing Chun is the Cantonese name of a simple and practical, Southern Chinese Kung Fu system developed in China approximately 300 years ago. It is one of many martial arts, which combines the principles of self-defence, health and fitness for the mind, spirit and body. 

Historically, it is said to have been created by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui, who developed a martial art that could overcome the inherent weaknesses of the Shaolin systems at that time. She passed her theories onto a young girl named Yim Wing Chun, who later became the founder of the style. Wing Chun was then passed on in secret for many years, until it was eventually taught openly in the 1950's by Grandmaster Ip Man, who became famous for teaching many well known masters, including the worlds most famous martial artist, Bruce Lee.   

Today, Wing Chun is recognised as one of the world’s most effective and popular Chinese Kung Fu systems practised around the world. It is generally suited to a female or person of small build however, it is suitable for anyone regardless of age, size or gender.